Where to Start? Who to Call, Confide and Commit to... That's Us.

CA Construction Consulting Group's founder is a Sonoma and Marin County General Contractor that witnessed first hand the void in helping clients in the construction process from start to finish with an individual's initial concept, designed pre-drawings, permissible sets, scheduling and final construction.

These are all crucial steps that are needed to be properly estimated, planned, and completed in a rightfully completed timeframe, estimated price, perceived vision, and overall agreeance per contract, that a home and business owner is entitled to when starting a new project with our observance and follow through.

There’s a true process that contractors, architects/ draftsmen, structural engineers, and designers individually assist with their perspective fields when it comes to construction. But, with CCG, you get all these skilled working together or outlined initially to take your imagination, set a plan within your budget and accomplish your project with satisfaction.

A client working individually with what they perceive as the right sequence of notion and inherently increase a budget, set a unknowing, fluid timeframe and may not even accomplish planned design goal sought by the client which could  accumulate beyond want or reason without guidance of a construction consulting group like CCG.

The great thing about CCG is that we can help you outline your project and you still not hire us to implement. By having us as your initial resource, we’ll give you the tools and support to not only completing your project correctly, but also preventing costly overages and delays on a project, so you can rest knowing your vision will come true with truthfully working minds behind you and for you as construction consultants.

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